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Brian Horowitz


Neil Briscoe

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In the rural town of North Oxbow, New York, stands a tiny radio station with the call sign WRPS. This radio station could be a beacon of local news and entertainment, but, instead, it’s run by a group of quasi-professionals who just can’t seem to get their act together.

Special thanks to WRCR in Pomona, NY, for allowing us to film the pilot on location!

Directed by Zena Wood

Director of Photography Nick Snow

Richard Kline (Three's Company, Blue Bloods, The Americans) plays Rick Pemberton, the Morning Show cohost who is eternally searching for his former fame and glory.

Jenilyn Noelle Rodriguez plays Allison Saxe, the station manager who tries, but...can't.

Brian Horowitz (executive producer and co-creator) play Brian Mark, the station engineer and on-air personality.

Neil Briscoe (producer and co-creator) plays Neil Travis, an excellent on-air personality, but a terrible employee.

Ashley Couture plays Maggie Valea, cohost of the Morning Show. She is a serious journalist facing a wall of incompetence.

Robert Carmen plays retired Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, who is a guest on the community show, "Public Interesting." It does not go well.

Samantha Opitz plays Claire Bigote, who has moved to North Oxbow from Guatemala to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning a bakery.

Steve Possell plays the new overnight on-air personality, Stevie Midnight. He is the actual cohost of the WRCR morning show in Pomona, NY.

The full episode of

On The Air: The Third Guy

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