History of

Glacier Entertainment

Glacier Almost Goes Digital

This day in 1986…

On this day in 1986, Glacier Entertainment joined the digital age by buying a computer. Neil was given $8,500 in cash, with Brian’s strict instructions to thoroughly research all of the available options, and to choose the best one for the company’s needs.

Neil took the cash, went to Hawaii for four weeks to “research” the available technology, then returned to the office with a Wang 2200 SVP computer system. Neil was proud to announce that he got an excellent deal, spending only $6,400 on the new machine. Shortly after, Brian began to have chest pain, and then had his first ride in an ambulance. Years later, Neil would admit he chose Wang because he found the name childishly amusing.

It took Neil and Brian a mere 6 days to set up the new system, which, in no way, worked flawlessly.

Understandably, there was a little tension at the Glacier Entertainment office.

From the Wang brochure.

Neil and Brian trying to get this piece of sh** working.

Neil and Brian having a conference to address technical difficulties.

Forty eight hours later, the Wang 2200 SVP spontaneously caught fire. It then served faithfully as a door stop until it was replaced with a Radio Shack TRS-80.

Glacier Entertainment’s second door stop, the Radio Shack TRS-80.